Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mission Pneumonia

Save the Children has come out with a fun game to teach us the severity and facts that pneumonia has on this world. In the game you answer simple questions that help put the problem in simple perspective. The issues can seem complex and the solutions many times seem to not be near, but this games helps to show that one of the largest killer diseases can be cured with simple antibiotics that cost about $8. The unfortunate thing is that many times the antibiotics are not near the remote villages that are experiencing the brunt of the disease. In this game it also gives you many opportunities to donate and sign different petitions to tell your congress that we need to make saving these children's lives a priority of ours. The solution is simple, diagnosing pneumonia is simple and the cure is simple; yet it kills more than HIV, Malaria and Measles combined.
So, go play the game and learn how to prevent pneumonia here http://www.missionpneumonia.org/

-Sara Frodge