Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Plants are curing Malaria

Moringa Oleifera, better known as horseradish is a shrub growing in Africa that can naturally cure Malaria. It is being introduced at the Pan-African Malaria Conference in competition with Malaria drugs made by the top world scientist. The moringa extract combined with other natural herbs is seen to cure even the drug resistant Malaria. If this tree could win wide acceptance at the conference, it will not only help the Malaria problem, but become a local cash crop for several African nations. Originally the tree grows wildly, but already several farmers have started to commercially grow them; selling the leaves as food supplements and the seeds are pressed and the extract is sold to China, the US and Europe for cosmetics. The plant not only will cure Malaria but also boosts the immune system, insuring complete elimination of the disease from the patient. This will also mean that it will be almost impossible for the patient to be attacked by the parasite again. This plant could be the answer because the Malaria is becoming immune to our current drugs, there needs to be something different that can completely eliminate it altogether. Other medicines are being created for pregnant mothers to prevent the fetus and themselves from being infected. These are both very much needed as the disease is becoming more and more resistant to treatment.
-Sara Frodge
Source: All Africa