Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sub-Saharan Africa seeks self-sufficient agriculture

Ghana hosted a 3 day Anglophone Regional Training workshop to teach and share productive innovative capitalisation methods in order to implement self-sustaining agricultural methods. They want to bring together people to discuss ways that these methods can help reduce the poverty levels in Ghana and in Africa. The project has 30 participants from the sub-Saharan area. One of the focuses is on why some sectors are unproductive and how to change this and not allow those areas to be exploited. It is important for them to become self-sufficient during the food crisis and also to maintain growth and reduce the amount of poverty in their countries. They advocated for more dialogue, sharing information and experiences. Mr Yaw Effah Baafi, Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture in Charge Corps led this and it was organized by the West Africa Rural Foundation. These were all necessary factors to help achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals.

-Sara Frodge