Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving back thanks at Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving you can show how thankful you are to your abundance of food by donating the cost of your meal to Mercy Corps and other organizations. They are asking this Thanksgiving to donate any amount: $15 can give a family the tools and space for a garden to grow their own food, $40 teaches 20 farmers how to increase their farms yields and sales. These are just some and only a portion of what is needed. Ont heir website you can watch what the people of The Central African Republic are thankful for, where over 60% of the country lives on less than $1 a day.
Source: Mercy Corps (click here to see where to donate and learn more)
Or if you would like to stay more local, One Million Gifts is a non-profit accepting gifts of all sorts to give children in the US that are currently in poverty. They ask the children to write an essay on what they would do to help someone this holdiay season. The goal is to give one million gifts to children this year. Master P is heading this and donating his time and money as well, hoping to inspire the children to work at their education and respect the gifts that are given. The reward is for them to have gifts these holidays. He works with kids growing up in a similar neighborhood he grew up in, hoping to inspire these children and have hope and want to help others.
Source:One Million Gifts (click to see where to donate and learn more)

There are many other organizations working these holidays to help those in poverty.
Happy Thanksgiving!

-Sara Frodge