Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The COP15 wants your opinion

Currently 162 nations are taking part in the global climate debate at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. The debates will last until the 18th of December this year. Towards the end of the session, many of the heads of states will participate at the conference as well. Climate change effects the developing world significantly, both with the change in temperatures, rising sea levels and the decrease of natural gases that they can use to develop. We have heard these facts before, but what we can do this week is participate in the debate. CNN and YouTube have joined together to create an outreach to the public. You can post questions that you would like the Copenhagen conference to address and they will air the live forum where the top rated questions asked by the public will be asked. If you can't think of a question you can go on a choose ones that you think are important that other people have asked, and hopefully you can watch them live on CNN or it will also be streamed onto YouTube. It is a great way to get involved and they have a whole section of questions concerning the developing countries. The forum will be on December 15th so all questions and ratings must be in by December 14th.

To participate go to .

-Sara Frodge