Thursday, December 10, 2009

Positive Agricultural Rewards

Agricultural research is reducing poverty by 2.3 million people annually in Sub Saharan Africa. A study done by Arega Alene and Ousmane Coulibaly found that the estimated aggregate return of 55% after implementing the new research in agriculture. The productivity is going up due to the sustainable agricultural development research. The highest returns are being seen in Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. The study found that what would make these even more profitable and reduce more poverty in the region would next to be improving the efficiency of credit, the infrastructural development, the extension systems and input supply systems. These will help and cooperate with the sustainable research being done in agriculture and lead to even higher efficiency and a greater reduction of the poverty in the region. There is still many going hungry, and although this study found that there is work being done in the right direction, we need to increase it still. To help this there also needs to be a cease in the environmental degradation and a reduction in population growth. Positively, the work being done is working, now we just need to work harder.

-Sara Frodge