Thursday, January 21, 2010

tiny assistance → BIG CHANGES

The United Nations Refugee Agency will be partnering with the Grameen Foundation in providing micro loans to tens of thousands of displaced refugees around the world. Such a project will combine the resources of the UN and the vision of Nobel Peace Laureate, Muhammad Yunis will be provided with microloans in order to start their own business and become economically self-sufficient. The values of micro credit are innumerable...they provide recipients with more than money. Recipients of micro loans are given the dignity of having the control over their own lives.

"Micro-finance is important because by allowing people to run their own businesses and learn new skills it can help the displaced – especially women – become self-sufficient and also prepare them if they return home, integrate them in a host country or help them start a new life in a resettlement country."

The Grameen Foundation and its partners are credited with providing micro loans to millions of people around the world, giving individuals the chance to escape poverty by providing them with training, managerial skills, and technical assistance in order to increase their employment and income.

- Tiffanie Depew

SOURCE: UN News Centre