Thursday, January 14, 2010

UN Chief Seeks to Make 2010 a Year of Sustainable Development

In a press conference on 1/11/10, UN Chief, Ban Ki-Moon announced a renewed focus on sustainable development for the year 2010 in order to achieve the global targets as outlined in the Millennium Development Goals. In addition, the goal and priorities of this new year will be to meet the needs of "the MDG's, promote global health, and to take the necessary steps for a lasting and robust economic recovery."

Moon also placed special emphasis on highlighting the need to "prevent and resolve deadly conflicts around the world" that seek to undermine the efforts of attaining peace, security and prosperity.

" I sense renewed energy as we start the new year and take on the heavy agenda ahead. We can make 2010 a year for action on a number of fronts" he added. "We are ready to act, ready to deliver, and ready to make 2010 a year of results for the people."

- Tiffanie Depew

SOURCE: UN News Centre