Thursday, January 14, 2010

The World's Richest, Bill & Melinda Gates, Respond to Skeptics of the World's Poorest

During a speech in October, 2009, Bill and Melinda Gates addressed the progresses being made in the fight against global poverty. They praised the work being done by the US government, as well as governments around the world in the alleviation of global health problems.

Despite these significant strides, the Gates’ acknowledge that skepticism for progress still persists. Take a look at the video clip to watch Bill and Melinda take on the arguments against the US investment in global poverty. They counter arguments such as: corrupt governments in developing countries, the overpopulation that can happen as a result of longer lifespans in addition to the argument that continued aid simply fosters more dependency.

- Tiffanie Depew

SOURCE: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation