Friday, February 26, 2010

Peace in View for Sudan

After decades of conflict between north and south Sudan, peace treaties are in view. Conflict has been an intertwining knot of ethnic clashes, rebellious groups, corruption, human rights, and a battle over resources such as oil, to name a few. If peace continues to progress, Sudan will be well on its way toward the betterment of its people. The death of millions and displacement of entire ethnicities has left the nation with grave problems that will take years to heal, particularly in the region of Darfur.

Presidential and Parlimentary elections are to be held in April of this year and the National Congress has stated they will accept the public's decision even if it means a division of the north and south for autonomy. The quicker a peace treaty can be made, the sooner the government can begin restoring the nation including the implementation of the MDG's, which have not been very successful in this region thus far. Perhaps this is the beginning of a vast improvement for the nation of Sudan.

-Leah Kelly