Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Chance of Forward Motion in Nigerian Politics

In a country politically divided by religious differences among other things, a chance to reunite Nigeria has come into view as President Yar'Adua took an absence of leave to Saudi Arabia due to cardiac problems in the beginning of February.

As worries of instability and lack of leadership grew with time, the vice-president Goodluck Jonathan was elected to be the acting president. This change has created many open doors for the politics of Nigeria. What has been a stagnant battle in many areas including corruption, may now see an active push to end it. Mr. Jonathan has promised to combat political corruption and seek for peace among the Niger Delta, an area of high conflict.

The people of Nigeria have expressed hope towards the acting president that he will take full position in the upcoming elections in April. Though president Yar'Adua has returned to the country, he remains on leave for full recovery. With the elections so close, Mr. Jonathan claims his main goal is to maintain an honest and law-abiding election. Only time will tell if promises ring true.

-Leah Kelly

SOURCE: New York Times