Saturday, March 13, 2010

Health and Development International Unveils Progress of an Obstetric Fistula Prevention Project

In honor of International Women’s Day, Health and Development International (HDI) revealed the successes of their pilot project that is working to rapidly reduce a condition, obstetric fistula, which is common in young mothers in developing regions.

The project was introduced two years ago, and it monitored over 250 villages in Niger. Since its initiation, labor deaths have been completely eliminated, obstetric fistula has been markedly reduced, and prenatal consultations have increased by 63%.

Currently the project protects around 20,000 women in a population of 100,000 but due to the great successes, HDI is looking to expand its resources and assistance to over 263,000 women by the end of 2010.

-Michelle Leung

Source: PR Newswire