Friday, April 23, 2010

One Man's Garbage is Another Boy's Favorite Toy

A slum in Nairobi, Kenya -- one of the most destitute -- is home to a man named Njuguna who has been recycling scrap metal from old, broken cars and turning them into heaps of joy for the whole town. He specializes in making toy automobiles for the local children. The smiles on their faces extend from ear to ear when Njuguna makes another scrap metal go-kart or motorcycle.

Njuguna, likened to the great Bernard Njuguna a famous African artist, sells his toys and gadgets locally and also in the corporate market to companies like Safaricom. He's made a decent living and the town folk happy by doing what he knows best. His craft and specialization comes from his ability to create miniature replica toys of life-size automobiles and planes complete with headlights, mirrors, logos, to-scale wheels, etc., you name it! Other great additions to the village include windmills and water pumps. Creativity and ingenuity from people like Njuguna are what makes life bearable in slums like these in Africa.

-Nick Mohazzabfar

Source: Afrigadget