Friday, May 21, 2010

Free Education Act 2010 in Lesotho

The government of Lesotho recently enacted the Education Act 2010, which legalizes the right to free and compulsory education - a promising step in achieving the Millennium Development Goals for universal primary education and elimination of gender disparities in primary and secondary education.

Free primary education was introduced in 2000. It led to an immediate and rapid increase in enrollment, which currently stands at 82% of primary school aged children. Dr. Ahmed Magan, UNICEF Lesotho Representative says “Lesotho is spending more on public education as a percentage of GNP than almost every other African country and is making sure girls and boys are being educated in equal numbers.”

Although the passing of this act marks a landmark for Lesotho, Dr. Magan still contends that the quality of education is a continual investment, and the promotion of sustainable development and quality education in times of economic turmoil requires proper financing. Currently UNICEF and other partners are supporting the development of school management regulations that will translate into implementable systems and structures.

-Michelle Leung

Source: Africa Good News