Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Starbucks World Impact Awareness

As an organization based in Seattle, we drink a lot of coffee. You can spot a Starbucks every few blocks and each is able to maintain stable business. Because many Americans have jumped on the coffee train, consuming more coffee than ever before, it is important to look at corporations like Starbucks that continue to profit from our habits.

As the source of revenue for this multibillion dollar corporation, we can influence Starbucks to alter their standards and functions to positively contribute to the world. Starbucks is in a powerful position to drastically alter people's lives because many of their products are grown in countries with widespread poverty.

In response to this, Starbucks has realized the impact it makes on the world and taken steps to change some of its shortcomings. Starbucks has signed on to the Shared Planet goal of reducing 25% of water consumption by 2015. Furthermore, the Ethos water for sale helps promote the awareness of clean water and aids clean water projects.

However, Starbucks still has room for improvement in reducing their environmental footprint and providing aid to those who perform the manual labor on the coffee farms. Progress can be slow with such a large corporation, but their continued improvement will hopefully start a trend among the corporate world.

-Leah Kelly

SOURCE: Examiner