Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Born Inventor: Malawian Boy Creates Windmill Energy

At age 14, William Kamkwamba decided to take initiative in finding ways to create electricity for his family home in Malawi. With the help of a library book titled Using Energy, Kamkwamba learned the basic mechanics of an electricity-producing windmill. Innovative and resourceful thinking led him to use scrap metals and materials gathered at a local scrap yard to build a windmill. He was successful in his attempts. The windmill he built powers four lights and two radios in his home!

This simple yet innovative creation has dramatically changed Kamkwamba’s life. Word spread rapidly about Kamkwamba’s inspiring tale. And as a result, he now has support to build more of his dream projects and to attend school in South Africa. One of his dreams is to build a larger windmill that will help irrigate the farmlands in his entire village. Thanks to a few journalists, bloggers, and TEDGlobal, Kamkwamba now has the means to fulfill his dream to improve living conditions in his home country.

- Clare O.