Thursday, October 07, 2010

An Embrace That Saves Lives

Jane Chen, the CEO of Embrace, is behind the innovative product that is an affordable substitute for an infant incubator. The Embrace infant warmer is Chen’s solution to reducing high infant mortality rates caused by a lack of or inadequate incubators. This small sleeping bag-like product literally embraces a newborn child and warms it at an adjustable temperature. The Embrace infant warmer is less than 1% of a traditional incubator’s cost, and therefore is an affordable option for the millions of people living in developing countries.

The beauty of this product is that it is affordable, reusable, works without electricity, and can be sterilized easily. Jane Chen will distribute the Embrace infant warmer into poor regions of India this year in hopes of saving millions of lives. In addition to saving lives, this product will have a longer-term, social impact in developing countries. The Embrace infant warmer will help decrease infant mortality rates, which ultimately reduces population sizes. As counter intuitive as that may sound, here is how the correlation between mortality rates and population works: as parents stop anticipating that their babies will die, they will then have fewer children, and subsequently the population level drops.

- Clare Ortblad