Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mo Ibrahim Index Shows Progress in Africa

Mo Ibrahim is a Sudanese telecoms entrepreneur known throughout the world as a promoter of good governance and leadership in Africa. Each year his foundation releases an index to measure progress in Africa. The goal is to stimulate debate on good governance, provide criteria by which citizens can hold their governments accountable, and recognize and support achievement in Africa. It measures four broad categories: Safety and Rule of Law; Participation and Human Rights; Sustainable Economic Opportunity; and Human Development.

The 2010 Index, released Monday, shows impressive gains in human and economic development in many African countries. 41 of Africa's 53 states showed progress in sustainable economic development. 44 states showed significant improvements in human development, particularly in health and welfare. While no country had significant decline in these categories, there are bigger successes than others. Angola, Liberia, and Togo all show significant improvements in governance performance scores, the report stated. The overall highest scorers were Mauritius with a score of 82 out of 100, the Seychelles with a 75, and Botswana at 74.

-Erica Stetz