Wednesday, October 06, 2010

U.N. Declares October 4th "World Habitat Day 2010"

The bad news? Over 1.6 billion people throughout the world lack basic housing needs.

The good news? Every day that number is shrinking, largely in part to the efforts of organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and individual people who have made poverty reduction a priority in their lives.

The U.N. has declared the first Monday of October, "World Habitat Day" as a celebration of the progress that has been made to ensure that every single person has access to adequate housing. Habitat for Humanity uses this week to highlight advocates for housing, such as the Housing and Development Board of Singapore, which has developed socially conscious methods that have provided housing for 80% of Singaporeans.

World Habitat Day is also used to call attention to the many international programs that groups such as Habitat for Humanity are leading. The Build Louder advocacy campaign encourages people to call their Congressmen and urge them to support legislation such as the Sustainable Urban Development Act, which ensures that U.S. aid will go towards developing strategies for investing in urban infrastructure, reducing slums world-wide.

Both The Borgen Project and Habitat for Humanity understand the importance of advocacy. Are you interested in taking a dramatic step towards reducing international poverty? Call your Congressmen! Write a letter! You'll be surprised at the response you get.

-Corey Cox

SOURCE: Habitat for Humanity