Thursday, November 18, 2010

Villages in Africa Conference Gives A Voice

A common problem in international development is that more often than not, those with the means and the power to create real change are unaware of the needs of the local communities. While this has changed recently, it is true that the "experts" in combating poverty are those that are able to survive living on a dollar a day.

International organizations have made great strides into ensuring that they are allotting the resources where they are most needed. Typically, they do this by interviewing local leaders and asking what they need. However, some developmentalists believe that the leaders skew their answers because they are afraid of not receiving any aid at all.

The Villages in Action conference, which will be held November 27, will give those in poverty a voice to the general public, allowing them to articulate the things that they need the most. Held in a "Ted" like fashion, these leaders will share their stories, their successes, and their failures. It will be a fascinating look into the lives of African leaders and will give all persons interested in international development a close look into what is truly needed.

-Corey Cox

SOURCE: Christian Science Monitor