Friday, November 19, 2010

World Toilet Day

November 19th is World Toilet Day, a day designed to bring awareness to the growing problem of water sanitation. Over 2.6 billion people lack their basic sanitation needs, leading to many problems that are easily preventable. Moreover, water sanitation, while affecting many more people than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, or malaria, does not receive the attention from aid groups that it needs.

Throughout the world, people are hosting events to educate others on the importance of water sanitation. Many people do not realize that water sanitation affects nearly every nation - even nations such as India and China, which possess the finances and technology for water sanitation, are hindered by a culture that does not see the importance of toilets and other tools. Recently, a grass-roots campaign in India has encouraged women to only marry men who can provide a toilet - using sex/marriage as a way to modify the culture in a way that encourages proper sanitation practices. Some women want a car - Indian women want a toilet.

- Corey Cox

SOURCE: World Toilet Day