Monday, November 01, 2010

Why India Is Successful

Lindsay Clinton, editor of Beyond Profit, recently wrote an article explaining India's success as a nation that consistently generates social entrepreneurs. She attributes this to multiple reasons, ranging from English as the primary language to the simple fact that there is a huge need to develop social enterprise.

Most importantly, she argues that the culture of India has developed an ethos that encourages social entrepreneurship. It's a confidence that the citizens of India are able to conquer any challenges they come across. In many ways, it is reminiscent of the United States 1930-1950, where although the nation had many challenges, its people were confident that they would overcome them.

In many ways, it makes sense that India has been a catalyst for social enterprise. A billion people who have the guts and confidence to break through barriers, a lack of a language barrier, a culture that believes in helping the poor in their society, a family structure that encourages extended relationships. In short, the culture of India is conducive to economic development.

From this, other questions arise: How can other nations who have not had the fortune of India replicate their success? And if other nations adopt an Indian based model for social enterprise, vastly changing their culture and norms to pursue a "developed" path, do they lose a little bit of themselves in the process? Where do we strike a balance?

-Corey Cox
SOURCE: Beyond Profit