Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day, Everyone!

It's time to make "Green" your favorite color as Earth Day 2011 is here! Every year, April 22 is celebrated as "Earth Day" by the concerned citizens to appreciate the planet we live in and to draw attention to various "Earthly" issues focusing on its natural environment. There are some easy ways to get involved, help the environment and thank nature for everything she has done for us. You can do it too by following these eco-friendly tips:

Create a blog dedicated to the environmental cause that you are interested in. You can raise awareness and educate others about the cause. If you already have a blog, you are halfway there. Just start writing about Mother Nature and be an environmental activist.

Networking has become one of the most important parts in our lives these days. If you are a social person or a fan of any environmental organization, you can share their information through social networks like Facebook and/or Twitter.

There are a lot of organizations that are working on various environmental causes. Start volunteering for them because they need concerned people like you. You can also join local organizations and make a difference in your community.

Lending Your Name:
Sign eco-related petitions that interest you such as animal rights, fair-trade, health and corporate responsibilities. Do not think that your name does not matter because it does. Your signature along with thousands of other signatures can really make an impact on a situation.

Starting Your Own Group
Create a local group to support the cause that interests you and meet regularly to exchange ideas and increase the number of members. You can also do creative things within your community such to raise awareness, help the environment and advertise your group.

Changing Your Own Lifestyle:
This is the most important thing you can do for environment. Change yourself. Change your habits that have a negative impact on environment. Recycling is a good example in this regard. If you change, other people will follow your footsteps too.

-Nisha Noor