Monday, April 25, 2011

Today Is World Malaria Day!

World Malaria Day is here again! Every year World Malaria Day is celebrated on April 25 around the world in an attempt to raise awareness and recognise the global effort to eradicate this deadly disease. The theme of this year's World Malaria Day is 'Achieving Progress and Impact' which emphasises the international community's renewed efforts to make progress towards zero malaria deaths by 2015.

The fight against malaria involves access to affordable, safe and effective treatments across the world, as well as protective insecticide treated nets and other preventive measures. The slogan of the celebration for the WHO African Region is "Together, we can achieve more". This year’s celebration marks the end of the UN Decade to Roll Back Malaria (2001-2010).

The World Health Orgaisation's statistics show that malaria infects more than 500 million people per year and kills more than a million. The majority of these deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa. But recently Africa showed significant progress in eradicating Malaria as 11 countries had reduced the burden of malaria by at least 50 percent at the end of 2010.

In celebrating World Malaria Day this year, Hollywood stars raised $750,000 to end Malaria in Africa through the event "Hollywood Bites Back"." Celebrities such as John Mayer, Orlando Bloom, Ted Danson and Elizabeth Banks also recorded public service announcements about the disease, which reached millions nationwide and culminated in the live comedy show.

The day is not far away when all of us can bite back and send Malaria to museum!

-Nisha Noor