Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Appeal from the Executive Director of ONE

The UN recently released data that the famine has not yet reached its peak and will continue to get worse before the situation may begin to make a turnaround in early 2012.

Many international agencies believe that the famine, a disaster created not by nature but by humans, could have been prevented. After the last famine that attacked the Horn of Africa, safety measure were put in place to prevent another widespread humanitarian disaster. However, history is repeating itself once again, which is the argument that is put forth by Jamie Drummond, the executive director of ONE. Click here to see his appeal.

"We can’t just blame politics for their fate while sitting by and doing nothing. We must deal with the politics embedded into the way we deal with the crisis – the local issues that turn drought into famine, the regional complexities that make response slow and difficult, and the global neglect that means promises are rarely kept. We must learn these lessons and in the name of those who have died, declare this time for real: never again."

Let's do our part as global citizens. Please take the time to get in contact with your congressional leaders. See yesterday's blog post for an email template that can be sent so that life-saving food assistance programs will not be slashed in Congress.

-Chelsey Dambro