Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Call Your Senators Or Send An Email To Congress NOW!

Since the drought in the Horn of Africa, Americans along with the international community have shown compassion and sent much-needed food aid in order to confront the impending tragedy. This action is the direct result of your concern and efforts in support of WFP USA (World Food Program USA). The response to the earlier requests to contact your representatives in Congress has been overwhelming. Thousands of emails and phone calls have been made urging Congress not to cut funding for emergency food aid. We salute you for that.

However, we need your voice again in our fight for the world’s hungry. A House-passed bill proposes cuts in emergency food assistance program which is the most effective we have so far by 75% from 2008 levels. The Senate Appropriations Committee is scheduled to consider the agriculture bill on Wednesday, September 7.

Since the drought, 300 children under five have died every day. By now this number has increased to 29,000 children in total. By the time Congress comes back, more than 36,000 will have perished; equal to the number of children under five in our nation’s capital. Therefore, Congress' support for emergency food aid programs has never been more important

Call your Senators or write to the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee a letter now. You can find the necessary information here.

Your action will cost you less than 5 minutes but it will save thousands of lives in the Horn of Africa.

-Nisha Noor