Friday, November 06, 2009

Unlimited Food for Education

It costs $28 to feed a child daily for an entire school year;

with the governments subsidy, that can feed 2.

Helping to solve two of India's severest problems, The Akshaya Patra foundation is enabling India's children to do both. The largest NGO providing midday meals for children that go to school. She has provided a efficient, cheap way to give school going kids a healthy and sanitary meal. The kitchens are held to health standards and the food is cooked to be compatible with the diet of the region. When a school resides in a remote village that is hard to transport food too, they build a kitchen next to the school and employ local women to cook for the kids. The foundation is also known to support the local economy by buying directly from the local producers in order to get the best deal while still eating localing. The foundation is sponsored by many private organizations, allowing them to provide the food much cheaper than any other. They have won several awards and were included in the Clinton Global Initiative in both 2007 and 2008. This program is providing the incentive to go to school, stay in school and be properly fed in their local nutritious diet.
-Sara Frodge